Party Notes

Random notes taken during the adventure…

1. Rotham to Ruck (111010)

On board ship…burial for Nala…Nabthorn Ironhide-Dwarven Runepriest (CC) says kind words as does the ship captain…that evening shipmates take exception to something Nab says…attempts to intimidate fail but a ship Lt. puts them in their place….arrival in Rotham.

Rotham…agree to meet Nab for dinner…decide to wander a bit…the people in the town seem like they are in a fog…head to town square to secure rations/food…pointed to Godsmith’s General Store…Godsmith welcomes us and shovels some good dirt about he goings-on in town…mentions that Gindolf is looking for workers…head to Gindolf’s place to inquire about a job…he needs brick from Ruck, but can’t seem to get them into Rotham…three crews have left to get brick but have not been seen since…Gindolf wants us to check it out.

Meet Father Ickles at the temple…Heskan talks about Nala and his desire to understand cleric healing…Father Ickles is open to Heskan’s true intentions for healing companions.

Off to Scallywags Tavern to meet Nab…busy place,-gambling, raucous atmosphere…battle ensues with the seaman from the ship…Delkavis (captain of the guard) enters the tavern, arrests us then talks with the patrons to see if our story is true…we are to stay in the inn tonight…The next morning we awaken with no idea of what took place the night before…We believe we were placed in the same type of “fog” that the town’s folk were in yesterday…Tellorden keeps a journal to record events that we remember in case we are placed in a worse “fog”.

To the librarian…attempt to get an audience with Bane the librarian…cannot see Bane without a letter of invitation…no luck…How do we get a letter of invitation???

Off to the river and to Ruck…travel is a long day to the barge town…present our letter from Gindolf to the bargemen…ride horses up the river…stop at a rest spot…next morning continue riding…see wreckage from the barges on the other side of the river…attacked by an orc shaman and wolves…Battle ensues
Loot: 10gp, gems (3)-15gp each, potion of clarity (Tellorden)

Continuing to Ruck…small town with mainly halflings and gnomes (although other races are present…fighting has occurred in Ruck recently…attacks were made from the river side of the town…hasty battlements were put up, scorch marks…the town is still preparing for more attacks…Zeen a gnome runner approaches…Zeen takes us to Zanfire Fletcher the leader of the town…Bullywugs continue to attack from the swamps. Zanfire wishes us to aid the town and defend against Bullywug attacks…we agree to help.

*Treasure: 10gp, gems x3 (15gp each)

2. The Defense of Ruck (112710)

The defense of Ruck begins as we set ourselves up to contain the bullywugs at the river…Rennis Dawntracker-Githzerai Seeker (CC) and some town archers join the companions…Rennis is driven by the fact that her adopted daughter was kidnapped by the bullywugs…we defeat wave after wave of bullywugs…Zanfire rewards the group.
Loot: 100gp, Flame Bracers (Tellorden)

Off to finish the bullywugs…follow tracks…stream flows from the mouth of a cave where bullywug tracks lead…Tellorden checks out the place and is spotted by the remaining bullywugs…battle ensues with oozes, stirges and bullywugs…searching the area we find orc tracks (Shadow Wolf Clan-same clan as the shaman we faced earlier)…human remains were found in the cave , but no child (Rennis’ daughter).
Loot: 50gp, 3 gems (100gp each), Potion of Healing x2 (Rennis & Nabthorn), Potion of Clarity (Heskan), Badge of the Beserker (Tellorden)

Back to Ruck…upon leaving the cave, we run into a bullywug raiding party returning with a small halfling boy…battle ensues…after defeating the raiding party, we rescue Heron (halfling boy), who was snatched when playing with friends…stay in Ruck overnight…leave early to follow orc trail.
Loot: Leather Armor +1 (???)

To the Orc Cave:
~Room 1-Battle orcs and wolves after watching orcs attempt to eat a child.
~Room 2-Tellorden falls into Quick Stone (trap floor), we pull him out and move on.
~Room 3-Barracks with orcs resting and repairing equipment (very large room)…attack orcs and defeat them.
Loot: 45gp
~Room 4-Wolf den…battle ensues with gray and dire wolves.
Loot: 10gp, locket (25gp)
~Room 5-creepy monsters attack in room with glowing fungus (fishers or something like that)
Loot: 24gp, magical longsword (needs to be identified)
~Room 5-crates and barrels containing orc food stores.
Loot: Healing Potion-x2 (Tellorden & Heskan)
~Room 6-big pit in the middle of a long room…50’ deep pit with bones and wreckage of a bridge.
~Room 7-door leads to this room…Eye of Gruumish chambers…battle ensues with all the remaining top level orcs…we find a locked chest.
Loot: 200gp, gems -4 (100gp each), Point-Blank Crossbow +1 (???)
~Room 8-Final Room…battle ensues with a shardmind and a human…
Loot: 50gp, Magical Amulet (needs to be identified), Ledger with a triangle symbol on it which contains names, dates and shipment dates from orcs, bullywugs and Quick Fingers (we have not seen these guys yet)…contains the name of Rennis’ daughter and has a check by it. (The Circle of the Inner Eye – the cult of The School of Unmatched Excellence-psionics that believe that they should rule the world)

*Treasure: 479gp, gems x4 (100gp each), gems x3 (15gp each), locket (25gp)

3. The Search Continues (031211)

Leaving the orc cave:
Heron, the halfling boy is brought back to Ruck. The party moves quickly to get back on the road in search or Rennis’ daughter. Rennis believes that the wagons spotted near the entrance of the orc cave lead to the east. The party follows this trail. Rennis continues to track the wagons and surmises that the wagons are being pulled by wolves. If the party continues on the current path, it will assuredly lead back toward Rotham. After staying the night at what can only be considered the “exchange” camp (slaves change from the hands of orcs to others-perhaps human slavers based on tracks that were found), the party heads back into Rotham. A ring was found at the exchange camp. It is a signet ring made of rough silver that has an inscribed feather on the inside. Once inside the area surrounding Rotham, the party begin to feel the “fog” that seems to be engulfing the area.

Back in Rotham:
The PCs head to Gindolf to see if everything with the brick shipments worked out. Gindolf was delighted to see that the shipments of brick from Ruck were once again arriving. He pays us for our services and is happy to be a reference in town for us if ever we need his assistance.
Loot: 100gp (for completion of quest)

Around town the PCs overhear many bits of information. It seems that many young children are missing. These children are all around the same age as Rennis’ daughter. One woman is overhead saying “Bethany would love this doll”, then she dropped the doll and walked away (affected by the fog it seems). Rennis spoke to the woman and the woman does not remember Bethany. The PCs decide to look specifically for Bethany if she can be found. The PCs also speak with Godsmith who doesn’t seem to know anything about missing kids.

The PCs meet with Deacon Corvet to ask about Rennis’ daughter. There are no children at the orphanage of her age. Corvet seems to be nervous when talking. The PCs decide to spy on him. Tellorden, being stealthy and perceptive, sees Corvet speaking into a basin. It appears that Deacon Corvet is involved in the situation and is working with someone. He also doesn’t seem to be affected by the fog. Tellorden follows Corvet’s maid to her home then returns to observe Corvet. He is wearing a ring like the one that was found at the exchange camp. Tellorden steals the basin while Corvet sleeps.

Heskan, Rennis, and Nab talk to Father Ickles. Ickles is an honest and genuine man but is oblivious to the goings on with Deacon Corvet. After speaking with Ickles, Heskan, Rennis and Nab check out the rest of the town then meet Tellorden at the fountain the next morning. Heskan checks out the ledger that was found earlier and notices a feather on the cover identical to the feather on the ring found at the exchange camp. The ledger also shows that the abductions have been occurring for about 6 months.

At the Fountain:
The PCs meet at the fountain and discuss the actions of the night before. The PCs bury the basin near the docks and mosey around town looking for people with rings that matching the silver feather ring but have no luck. The PCs meet with a weaponsmith named Argo. Here the find out that the silver feather ring is a Quick Finger Ring. Argo Says that the Quick Fingers were run out of town. Tellorden buys a +1 hand crossbow from Argo and Heskan trades +1 leather armor and +1 bloodcut leather armor for a set of +1 chain armor of exploits. Both Tellorden and Heskan buy climbing kits. Agro tells Tellorden that Ganfer might have magical bolts for his crossbow. Argo converts all the party’s gems and jewelry into gold and asks the PCs to bring him drake scales.

The PCs head back to Gindolf to ask about Quick Fingers (ruffians near the docks that were not very successful. They were a street gang and not the worst in Rotham). Gindolf tells us to speak with Delkavis or the librarian. He gives us a letter to see the librarian.

To the Library:
We meet Bane, the Librarian. He is an eccentric, elderly half-elf mage. He knows of the Quick Finger Ring and says it is magical. It protects the wearer from the fog. Bane gives the PCs the name Gordane, a member of Quick Fingers who still lives in town. The PCs shows Bane the ledger. Bane says that the triangle on the outside is the symbol of the School of Unmatched Excellence. Bane has the ability to fight off the psionic effects of the fog and begins to put the evidence together. Bane believes Deacon Carvet, who has many debts, would sell the children to pay off his debts. Bane reminds us that the ring will protect the wearer from the fog. The PCs will need to find more rings or seek out a hermit woman near Ruck that might help. Zanfire Fletcher, the leader in Ruck, might know her.

Finding Gordane:
The PCs head to the docks. A stop in Scallywags Tavern and it’s owner Pany Fieshar yields some information about Gordane. It does cost the party 10gp but Pany describes a place where he can be found. Gordane is said to have large quantities of food and he is good at causing problems.

Upon arrival at Gordane’s place, the PCs enter and battle with Gordane and his flunkies. Tellorden who is wearing the Quick Finger ring, does not suffer the debilitating effects of the fog. After the battle the PCs find a trap door that leads to a long ladder heading down beneath Rotham. Stinky water can be heard and smelled.
Loot: 50gp, Graceful Dagger +2 (Heskan), Quick Finger Ring (Heskan)

*Treasure: 50gp

3. Down the Ladder… (060311)

Climbing down:
Tellorden starts down the ladder and triggers a nasty poison dart trap. After sustaining much poison damage, Tellorden figures out how to disable the trap. All PCs climb down and enter the sewers. Passages lead East-West and a large metal door is to the north. PCs decide to head north.

Through the door:
Many rooms are found…

  1. Fighting pit – crude weapons found. Quote from the room when looking for a place to take an extended rest, “Let’s go lay in the bloody dirt”
  2. Store room – clothes, crude weapons, water barrels, Thieves’ Tools (x2 – Tellorden), rope (x6 – Nab)
  3. Barracks – Battle with human ambushers, archers, and lackeys.
    Loot: 240sp, Quick Finger Ring (x4 – Nab & Rennis), Whetstone of Venom (Tellorden), Healing Potions (x2 – Heskan & Tellorden), 35gp, 35 crossbow bolts (Tellorden), 70gp, Opal Pendant (125gp), 30gp, Pair of Loaded Dice (Single use free re-roll – Tellorden & Heskan), Gambler’s Dagger +2 (Heskan), 15gp, Fire Storm Bolts (x5 – Tellorden), 350gp, 180sp, Trapped Payroll Chest (when locked, DC 24 lock/trap), key to Trapped Payroll Chest.
    The PCs stay in the barracks for an extended rest. Heskan hears sounds in the hall during his watch and wakes Tellorden. Tellorden opens door quietly, sneaks into hall and observes 2 guards with teen prisoners. Guards in the hall lead the kids into what appears to be a food storage area and comes back with a large quantity of food before entering what the PCs believe to be where the kidnapped children are held. PCs complete extended rest believing that they have found where the kids are held.
  4. Prison Cell Room – PCs kill guards. Nab attempts to reassure the children and tell them about possible rescue. Rennis, who had been frantically looking for her daughter, goes hysterical and freaks out at the kids. The children are frightened by Rennis and all attempts to reassure the children are lost.
  5. Warden’s Barracks – Battle ensues with Warden, lackeys, and a death rattler. After killing the warden, Nab finds out from the children about the kitchen and its layout. The PCs decide to keep the kids locked up until the area can be secured.
    Loot: 45gp, Rope of Slave Fighting (Heskan), Quick Finger Ring
  6. Kitchen – PCs try to intimidate the kitchen staff. In the end, battle ensues with the staff and a very accomplished head cook.
    Loot: 45sp, duffel bag with chef clothes and small chest containing an I.O.U. worth 10gp, vintage bottle of wine (x3 – 30gp each), Stonemeal Biscuits (x12)

Through the Ornate Door:

  1. Battle ensues with leader of the Quick Fingers (Larvar Tamerus), archers, and a stone construct. The battle ends with all dead and a usable construct.
    Loot: construct medallion (used to control the construct), Blast Patches-fire (x5 – Tellorden), 80gp, art work (400gp), gems (220gp), Potion of Resistance-cold, Potion of Resistance-fire, Potion of Healing (Nab), Battle Axe of Rending +2, Bestial Hide Armor +2 (Heskan), key, records for payments and cargo-300 units (children) have been delivered, limerick

*Treasure: 625gp, 465sp, gems (220gp), art work (400gp), opal pendant (125gp)

Party Notes

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